Open Ninth

Conversations Beyond the Courtroom.
Episode 74 of Open Ninth - The Improbable Road
Episode 74

The Improbable Road

5/13/2019   Download   Transcript   Take survey

A conversation with Judge Jeff Ashton

Episode 73 of Open Ninth - VIII of the IXth
Episode 73

VIII of the IXth

4/29/2019   Download   Transcript   Take survey

Meet the Circuit’s Newest Judges

Episode 72 of Open Ninth - Turning the Tables
Episode 72

Turning the Tables

4/15/2019   Download   Transcript   Take survey

Lake Mary Prep students interview the Chief

Episode 71 of Open NInth - Rule of Law
Episode 71

Rule of Law

4/1/2019   Download   Transcript   Take survey

A look at today’s Russian legal system

Episode 70 of Open Ninth - A New Sheriff in Town
Episode 70

A New Sheriff in Town

3/19/2019   Download   Transcript   Take survey

A conversation about scams, security, and Orange County law enforcement

Episode 69 of Open Ninth - Court Spotlight
Episode 69

Court Spotlight

3/4/2019   Download   Transcript   Take survey

A Look at the State of Our Courts

Episode 68 of Open Ninth - Jurors and Justice
Episode 68

Jurors and Justice

2/18/2019   Download   Transcript   Take survey

Understanding jury service through theatre

Episode 67 of Open Ninth - Partners in Hope
Episode 67

Partners in Hope

2/4/2019   Download   Transcript   Take survey

Judge Heather Rodriguez takes a trip of the heart with her daughter, Ella Grace

Episode 66 of Open Ninth - Thoughtful Leadership
Episode 66

Thoughtful Leadership

1/22/2019   Download   Transcript   Take survey

Building Meaningful Relationships in the Workplace

Episode 65 of Open Ninth - Without a Roof
Episode 65

Without a Roof

1/7/2019   Download   Transcript   Take survey

Helping the Homeless with Shelley Lauten and Reverend Doctor David Swanson