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Conversations Beyond the Courtroom.
Epsiode 51 of Open Ninth - Suskauer Raises the Bar
Episode 51

Suskauer Raises the Bar

6/25/2018   Download   Transcript   Take survey

A conversation with Michelle Suskauer, the 70th President of the Florida Bar.

Episode 50 of Open Ninth - AI: Supplement or Supplant?
Episode 50

AI: Supplement or Supplant?

6/12/2018   Download   Transcript   Take survey

Chief Judge Fred Lauten and Dr. Thomas Clarke explore the impact of artificial intelligence on the judicial system.

Episode 49 of Open Ninth - Right to Release
Episode 49

Right to Release

5/29/2018   Download   Transcript   Take survey

Judge Lauten and Judge Jenifer Harris walk us through the evolution of the bond system.

Episode 48 of Open Ninth - #JustServe:  Partners in Service
Episode 48

#JustServe: Partners in Service

5/14/2018   Download   Transcript   Take survey

Chief Judge Lauten and Clerk Russell discuss shared initiatives that better serve the Citizens of Orange County.

Episode 47 of Open Ninth - #JustServe:  An Attorney’s View
Episode 47

#JustServe: An Attorney’s View

5/4/2018   Download   Transcript   Take survey

Mayanne Downs shares her experience of serving as a juror in the Ninth Circuit.

Episode 46 of Open Ninth - Analyze This
Episode 46

Analyze This

4/24/2018   Download   Transcript   Take survey

Judge Diana Tennis shares the experience of her transition from TV legal analyst to Circuit Judge

Episode 45 of Open Ninth - Negotiation + Mediation = Resolution
Episode 45

Negotiation + Mediation = Resolution

3/21/2018   Download   Transcript   Take survey

Lawrence Kolin shares his expertise in discussing the importance of mediation to the judicial process.

Episode 44 of Open Ninth - Designed to Inspire
Episode 44

Designed to Inspire

3/7/2018   Download   Transcript   Take survey

Courthouse architect Michael Leboeuf shares his thoughts on past, current and future trends in courthouse design.

Episode 43 of Open Ninth - Love, Jewett Style
Episode 43

Love, Jewett Style

2/14/2018   Download   Transcript   Take survey

Special Valentine's Day Episode with the Judges Jewett

Episode 43 of Open Ninth - Part 3:  The Shooter, The Victims, The Aftermath
Episode 42

Part 3: The Shooter, The Victims, The Aftermath

1/31/2018   Download   Transcript   Take survey

Prior to January 10, 1984, life at the Orange County Courthouse was very relaxed. After that fateful day, security became a top priority.