Open Ninth

Conversations Beyond the Courtroom.
Open Ninth Podcast - Epsiode 81 - Journey to the Judiciary
Episode 81

Journey to the Judiciary

8/20/2019   Download   Transcript   Take survey

Development, Diligence and Decision-Making

Open Ninth Podcast - Episode 80 - Forging a Future for Female Lawyers
Episode 80

Forging a Future for Female Lawyers

8/5/2019   Download   Transcript   Take survey

A conversation with CFWAL President, Jamie Billotte Moses

Episode 79 of Open Ninth - Opioids, Overdose, and Outreach
Episode 79

Opioids, Overdose, and Outreach

7/22/2019   Download   Transcript   Take survey

Creating Awareness of Our Nation’s Epidemic

Open NInth Podcast Episode 78 - Passing the Gavel
Episode 78
Episode 77 of the Open Ninth Podcast - Lauten's Legacy
Episode 77

Lauten’s Legacy

6/24/2019   Download   Transcript   Take survey

A look back at the life and career of Chief Judge Fred Lauten

Open Ninth Episode 76
Episode 76

The Lost Art of Professionalism

6/10/2019   Download   Transcript   Take survey

A Conversation with the OCBA Professionalism Committee

Episode 75 of Open Ninth - Best of Both Worlds
Episode 75

Best of Both Worlds

5/28/2019   Download   Transcript   Take survey

The Ninth’s First Korean-American Judge

Episode 74 of Open Ninth - The Improbable Road
Episode 74

The Improbable Road

5/13/2019   Download   Transcript   Take survey

A conversation with Judge Jeff Ashton

Episode 73 of Open Ninth - VIII of the IXth
Episode 73

VIII of the IXth

4/29/2019   Download   Transcript   Take survey

Meet the Circuit’s Newest Judges

Episode 72 of Open Ninth - Turning the Tables
Episode 72

Turning the Tables

4/15/2019   Download   Transcript   Take survey

Lake Mary Prep students interview the Chief