Business Court specializes in handling complex business cases, such as antitrust suits, intellectual property cases, franchise cases and unfair competition cases. The goal is to handle business litigation matters in an effective and efficient manner. Benefits of a business litigation section include the following: 1) implementation of standardized procedures; 2) higher degree of consistency of rulings on recurring issues; and 3) economic stimulus to the community.

The community has given tremendous support to the concept of a Business Court. The theory that a specialized Business Court will draw big businesses to Central Florida has proven true in the states where Business Courts have been established. Businesses are drawn to areas where courts understand the complexity of business litigation.

A Judge from the Circuit Civil division is assigned to handle cases that are suitable for adjudication in Business Court. Having one Judge with expertise in complex litigation handling the cases, it is expected that the cases will move more effectively through the system. Further, the parties will have a better understanding of what is expected by the Judge.