The Juvenile Courts in Florida have jurisdiction over criminal felonies and misdemeanor cases for defendants under the age of nineteen (19).


The Juvenile Courts in Florida have jurisdiction over all dependency matters for juveniles up to the age of eighteen years of age.

Truancy Court

In 2001, the Ninth Judicial Circuit, in cooperation with the Orange County Youth and Family Services Division and the Orange County Public Schools, established a Truancy Court to provide a forum to hear and rule on Truancy Petitions filed against minor children alleged to be skipping school. A Magistrate hears and makes recommendations to the Court on punishments for truants. The program provides participants and their families with services, intervention, and case management.


The Juvenile Courts in Florida also have jurisdiction over CINS/FINS, Children and Families-in-Need-of-Services. This is for families and their child(ren) who do not have a delinquency or a dependency case open. The Ninth Circuit Juvenile Court Division has a Circuit Judge in charge of the CINS/FINS program. Parents can come to see the judge for help and services to improve the behaviors of their child. Local programs help families find ways to reduce or stop their children from running away, skipping school and disobeying through screening and assessment, planning for improvement, and counseling. For help from the CINS/FINS program in Orange County call (407) 254-9376. For help in Osceola County call the Sunnyside Village Youth Shelter at 407-498-7016 ext. 100 or 101. 

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