Circuit Judge Bob Egan Moderates the First Session
Orange County Judge Jeanette Bigney Presents to the Attendees
Orange County Judge Eric DuBois Presents to the Attendees
2023 Inside the Courts Attendees
Attendees Participate in an Interactive Session
Participant Asks Judges a Question
A View from the Back of Courtroom 23

Inside the Courts is back again. On Tuesday, April 11, 2023, members of the public joined us at the Orange County Courthouse for the first night of this year’s educational event. Judges Bob Egan, Eric DuBois, and Jeanette Bigney provided insightful discussion on the ins and outs of court proceedings, common issues they see daily, and rental disputes.

The judges also gave the audience an up-close look at judicial proceedings with a mock civil trial that invited attendees to engage as plaintiffs and defendants. While getting a deeper understanding of the law through this interactive exercise, guests were able to ask questions regarding the process and learn more about “The People’s Court.”

If you missed the first night of this educational event with our judges and would like to attend the second and final session on April 18, 2023, click here to register: