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Drug Courts utilize a multidisciplinary team approach to treat eligible and appropriate drug addicted people involved in the criminal justice system.  The Court provides review and oversight with swift and effective consequences for violation of program rules as well as incentives and rewards for compliance. Treatment follows a graduated model with constant drug testing and monitoring. Although consequences such as detention may occur, the focus and goal remains to modify behavior in order to eliminate the cycle of substance abuse and recurring crime. Please contact one of our offices for more information about specific program eligibility and participation requirements or look up our various Administrative Orders under Research, Administrative Orders.

Orange and Osceola counties each operate an Adult and Juvenile Delinquency Drug Court Program.  Orange County also operates a Family Dependency Drug Court Program.

Drug Court - Adult
Orange County
Office: 120
Phone: 407.836.0419
Fax: 407.835.0528
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Osceola County
Office: 3100
Phone: 407.742.2431
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Drug Court - Juvenile & Dependency
Orange County
Office: 1st Floor
Phone: 407.836.9500
Fax: 407.836.7569
Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 8:00am-5:00pm
Please contact one of our offices for additional information or to confirm a court date.