Picture of the Old Osceola Courthouse with the announcement that the Ninth Circuit established a Business Court division in Osceola County

In 2004, our circuit established the first Business Court in the state of Florida, designed to handle complex business cases in an effective and efficient manner. Over the years, it has specialized in business torts, shareholder derivative actions, trade secrets, intellectual property cases, and much more. Three other counties took notice of the benefits of having a formal Business Court and developed their own in the years following: Miami-Dade, Broward, and Hillsborough Counties.

It’s been nearly 20 years since the Ninth Circuit established its Business Court, and since then its home has remained in Orange County. But beginning this year, our Business Court will expand to Osceola County.

Establishing a Business Court division in Osceola County means a more efficient implementation of standardized procedures, a higher degree of consistency of rulings on recurring issues, and an economic stimulus to the community. It’s been shown that areas where Business Courts have been established draw in businesses to operate there. This is due to the courts’ understanding of the complexity of business litigation.

Beginning January 3, Judge John Jordan, the current Business Court judge in Orange County, will begin hearing Osceola business cases. Jury trials will be held at the Osceola County Historical Courthouse in Kissimmee.