Supervised Visitation and Monitored Exchange

The Court recognizes that many of the domestic relations court cases filed involve children and domestic violence. The purpose of the Family Ties Program is two-fold: One, to provide Supervised Visitation for children in a safe, secure and comfortable environment. Visitation is scheduled for two hours every other weekend on either Saturday mornings or Sunday afternoons between a non-custodial parent and his/her child(ren). Visits are supervised by Visitation Supervisors who always keep the child(ren) within sight and/or sound as ordered by the Court. Two, to provide monitored exchange services – to move children safely from one parent to the other. The exchange for visitation takes place every other weekend on Saturday morning and returning the child(ren) on late Sunday afternoon.

Both services eliminate contact between parents, making each visit for the child(ren) a safe and positive experience.

Parents must agree to cooperate with the Family Ties Program. Participation in the Family Ties Program requires a court order.

Family Ties
Orange County
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