The Ninth Judicial Circuit uses the employee model to provide court reporting services for all of the non-civil court proceedings. All transcripts/duplicate media requests are produced in-house. Court Reporting Services produces annually approximately 150,000 pages of transcript and over 2,000 audio copies of proceedings.

Court Reporters

The Court Reporting Services consist of stenographic, real-time stenographic, and digital court reporters. The stenographic court reporters cover felony trials, all death penalty hearings, and Jimmy Ryce hearings. All stenographic court reporters are certified by the National Court Reporters Association.

The digital court reporters monitor and record multiple venues from remote workstations. They cover felony, misdemeanor, juvenile, domestic, probate, guardianship, mental health hearings, magistrate and child support hearings. The coverage includes hearings and trials held in all seven court facilities operating within the Ninth Circuit. All digital court reporters are certified by the American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers.

Transcript and Audio Requests

Transcripts and media copies are provided at no charge to indigent defendants who obtain a signed court order. Privately ordered transcripts and media copies (non-court ordered) can be purchased through this office; rates are set by the Chief Judge via Administrative Order. Please submit requests for transcripts and/or audio requests by completing the online request form.

Transcript/Audio CD Fees




  Transcript/PDF emailed
  (Not previously transcribed)

  30 days minimum from date of            deposit

$6.00 per page

  Transcript/PDF emailed
  (Previously transcribed)


$1.00 per page

  Printed transcript
  (Previously transcribed)


$1.50 per page 

  Audio CD

  Within 7 days of deposit

$20.00 per CD

  Public Records Request/Research


$8.00 per quarter hour


Public Record Requests

If you are not a party to the case, transcripts and CDs will be subject to a public records request check at the rate of $32 an hour. This fee is in addition to the cost of the transcript.

Court Reporters
Orange County
Office: Bldg A-102
Phone: 407.836.2270
Osceola County
Office: 1500
Phone: 407.742.2482