Child Support Hearing Officers assist judges by handling cases assigned to the domestic relations division, thereby reducing each respective judge’s heavy caseload. The hearing officers are responsible for hearing and resolving all Department of Revenue related child support cases. These cases are filed by the Department of Revenue and include voluntary paternity actions, establishment of support, public assistance reimbursement, medical/health insurance obligations, and the enforcement and modification of existing support orders. The hearing officers also hear and resolve establishment, enforcement, and modification of out-of-state support requests (UIFSA actions). With a successful hearing officer program, the citizens of the State of Florida are assured that state tax dollars and assets are used effectively and efficiently. To ensure that parents provide for the support and well-being of their minor. children

Child Support Hearing Officers
Orange County
Office: 5400
Phone: 407.836.2287
Osceola County
Office: 3100
Phone: 407.836.2287