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Veteran's Treatment Court


Growing up, Eddie Jenkins always had an interest in joining the military. He even had his parents sign a waiver so he could join the U.S. Marine Corps at just 17 years old. But, after sustaining an injury in active-duty training upon his return from his service in Afghanistan, his life took a different path. A substance use disorder led to criminal behavior and involvement in our courts.

But his story doesn’t end there. Eddie was determined to turn his life back around. 

Upon entering our Veterans Treatment Court, Eddie learned more about the resources available to support him in his recovery. He made connections with fellow veterans and formed strong bonds with the team dedicated to his case. Despite experiencing some setbacks in his recovery, he stayed committed to the program and bettering his life. And, in 2022, his hard work paid off as he graduated from Veterans Treatment Court

Tune in to to hear Eddie speak with Judge Alicia Latimore about his journey through VTC and how his life has changed since graduation. 


  • 00:18 – Introduction to Eddie Jenkins 
  • 07:36 – Returning home from Afghanistan 
  • 14:35 – Getting involved with the court system 
  • 18:38 – Entering VTC 26:21 – Non-adversarial approach in 
  • VTC 32:42 – Graduating from VTC
Open Ninth
Episode 185

Conversations Beyond the Courtroom.

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Alicia L. Latimore
Alicia L. Latimore

Circuit Court Judge

Judge Latimore has served as a Circuit Court Judge since 2006. She currently serves as the Administrative Judge for Problem Solving Court.

Open Ninth Podcast Episode 185
Eddie Jenkins

U.S. Marine Corps Veteran

Graduate of the Ninth Circuit’s Veterans Treatment Court. He is also a veteran who served in the United States Marine Corps.