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Open Ninth Episode 165

When Judge Craig McCarthy left active service in the military, he wasn’t sure where life would take him. There were many doors open with a multitude of possibilities before him. In the end, he chose to attend law school and become a lawyer. And he’s never regretted that decision. Listen in to Open Ninth to hear Chief Judge Lisa Munyon interview Judge McCarthy about his life growing up, his service in the military, and his career as lawyer.


  • 00:15 – Introduction to Judge Craig McCarthy
  • 07:05 – Attending West Point
  • 10:50 – Serving in the Army
  • 18:02 – Pursuing the law
  • 27:32 – Opening his own firm
  • 30:21 – Joining the bench
Open Ninth
Episode 165

Conversations Beyond the Courtroom.

Run time 39:20



In this episode

Chief Judge Lisa T. Munyon
Lisa T. Munyon

Chief Judge and Open Ninth host

Chief Judge Lisa T. Munyon has been a Judge with the Ninth Judicial Circuit for 18 years. She is the Ninth Circuit's first female Chief Judge.

Circuit Judge Craig A. McCarthy
Craig A. McCarthy

Circuit Judge

Judge McCarthy was appointed to the Circuit bench by Governor DeSantis in July 2022. He currently serves in the Juvenile Delinquency Division in Orange County.