Ninth's Notables Employee of the Month

Daniela Gould has been with the Ninth Judicial Circuit for many years. As the technology support supervisor in the circuit’s technology department, the Ninth Circuit recognizes her for her hard work throughout the pandemic to ensure that the court system continued to operate.

In the midst of the pandemic, Daniela went well above what is required of an employee on a project for the domestic violence (DV) division. The Supreme Court of Florida mandated electronic signatures in the DV division. The mandate required there be a grayscale watermark behind the judge’s electronic signature that had the case number and date of signature. Daniela not only figured out how to create a grayscale watermark date that would be attached to a judge’s signature, but she also figured out how to add the case number behind the judge’s signature. Daniela, on her own initiative, because she wanted to make the process better for the judges, made it possible with only one keystroke to insert the electronic signature and grayscale date.

The Ninth Judicial Circuit thanks Daniela for her support, teamwork and dedication to the judicial system and was honored to give Daniela the Ninth’s Notables Award for excellence on September 8, 2021.