Tammy Ervin is an invaluable leader to the court reporting department in Osceola County. Regardless of a pandemic-related crisis or personal issue, Tammy has gone beyond the scope of her position to take care of the employees in her department and ensure the office functions in a spectacular manner. As the lead reporter, Tammy does everything in the office from covering felony courts, covering courts digitally, transcribing proceedings, answering the phones, and helping citizens at the front window. She has a great working relationship with judges, judicial assistants, and other court managers alike. During the last death penalty trial, she went above and beyond her duties as the lead reporter in Osceola by assisting in the jury room each day preparing seating charts. Her service helped a long, arduous process run smoothly for every party in the nine days of jury selection.

Tammy has served the Ninth Circuit with great pride and care for the last 20 years, upholding the same high standards and reputation our circuit maintains. We thank Tammy for her support, teamwork, and dedication to the judicial system and are honored to present her with the Ninth’s Notables award for excellence.