Ninth's Notables - Thomas Pentilla

The Ninth Circuits newest Employee of the Month is Thomas Pentilla, an application support specialist in our circuit’s IT department.

It’s hard to find someone as pleasant and professional as Thomas. He’s not only well-respected by his peers, but also the judges, judicial assistants, and other court staff he works with on a daily basis. Whenever someone is in need of help, he is quick to assist where he can and make sure that person has everything they need to get the job done.

Thomas played a vital role in implementing our circuit’s civil case management program over the last year. Without the SmartBench templates he developed for the program, our civil case management team would have felt a much greater strain trying to meet the deadline set by the Florida Supreme Court. But that’s not the only major project Thomas played an instrumental part in. He also facilitated another case management system with Family Court Services through the development of a Domestic Violence Injunction Pilot Program.

Every day, Thomas proves he is the perfect example of what it means to be a Ninth Notable. His tireless work ensures our courts run as effectively and efficiently as they possibly can, while still taking the time to help those around him. For these reasons, he is our next Employee of the Month. Congratulations, Thomas!

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