A photo of Chief Judge Lisa along with Marlene Santiago with the text Ninth's Notable Marlene Santiago

The first Ninth's Notable recipient of 2023 is a passionate and hardworking member of our circuit: Marlene Santiago.

Marlene hasn’t been at the Ninth long, and yet she has made a tremendous impact in the short time she has worked here. In the absence of a coordinator, she stepped up to assist with the overall operations of the Children’s Visitation Program. This meant ensuring all visitation schedules were kept up-to-date and program services happened uninterrupted. She took it upon herself to quickly learn how to do these necessary tasks in order to keep the program running, and she did it all while still maintaining her other duties and confirming nothing fell through the cracks.

But it’s not just Marlene’s work ethic that proves her to be indispensable to our circuit. Both her kind demeanor and bright personality are a joy to experience. She is an exceptional employee, always willing to help those around her and do whatever it is that needs to be done. If you asked her colleagues, they would all tell you what a pleasure she is to work with and how vital she is to their team.

Every day, Marlene shows us what it truly means to be a Ninth Notable. And we are excited to honor her for all she has done for our circuit. Congratulations, Marlene!