Deposition rooms are available for booking in three locations: Orange County Courthouse, Osceola County Courthouse, and the Juvenile Justice Center. The Ninth Circuit has now automated the process for reserving deposition rooms. If you are an attorney, a law office, or a court reporting company, and would like to reserve a deposition room for a date after November 11, 2015, please click on the following link: Once there, you will be provided instructions on how to book a deposition room. If you need to book a deposition room for a date before November 11, 2015 or if you have problems booking a room, you may call any of the contact numbers listed below:

Orange County:                (407) 836-2270, (407) 836-2280
Juvenile Center:               (407) 836-7507, (407) 836-7511, (407) 836-7508
Osceola County:               (407) 742-2400  

Please remember to follow all of the instructions provided on the website. It is especially important that you log out of your session so that no one is able to modify your room bookings.