Ninth Circuit to Celebrate National Adoption Day

Friday, November 20
Orange County Courthouse
Pfeiffer-Powell Jury Assembly Room, Suite 180, 9:30 a.m.

Friday, November 20
Osceola County Courthouse
Jeffords D. Miller Jury Assembly Room, Suite 1100, 2:00 p.m.

ORLANDO, FL – National Adoption Day Ceremonies in Orange and Osceola counties will be held Friday, November 20, 2015. The ceremonies are held each year to commemorate National Adoption Day, which always falls on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. The Honorable Alicia L. Latimore will preside over the ceremony in Orange County and the Honorable Kim Shepard will preside over the ceremony in Osceola County.

Community Based Care of Central Florida and their affiliate agencies have partnered together with the courts to draw attention to those children still left in foster care. The Central Florida community pulls together each year in support of celebrating “forever families,” the process of dozens of adoptive children becoming permanent members of new families. 

“Important decisions are made every day in our community’s courtrooms, but it’s not often I have the opportunity to oversee an experience as significant as uniting families on National Adoption Day,” said Judge Alicia L. Latimore. Judge Kim Shepard, who will preside over Osceola County’s ceremonies added, “I am honored to be a part of this incredible moment that will forever change the lives of these children and families.”

The ceremonies are open to the public and media are encouraged to cover these inspiring community events.  To ensure a good seat or a camera spot, please arrive early.  For additional information or questions, call Julio Semino at 407-836-0403 or send an email to