A photo of Lisa Shorten and Gay Aaron. Lisa is holding the Arnie Wilkerson Memorial Court Service Award she received.

For her commitment to our circuit and devotion to public service, Lisa Shorten has been awarded the 2023 Arnie Wilkerson Memorial Court Service Award.

Lisa began her time as a judicial assistant in 1990. Her first judge was the Honorable Jay Cohen, who she worked with until his appointment to the Fifth District Court of Appeal in 2008. Since then, she has served as a judicial assistant to the Honorable Lisa Munyon, working with her through her years as an Administrative Judge and our current Chief Judge.

As Chief Judge Munyon’s judicial assistant, Lisa has taken on the many and varied tasks required of a judicial assistant to both an Administrative and Chief Judge. But her service goes beyond those duties. She’s assisted Chief Judge Munyon in coordinating her statewide workload as Chair of the Florida Courts Technology Commission and the Workgroup on Continuity of Court Operations before and after COVID-19. She’s also provided steadfast support to judges, senior judges, fellow judicial assistants, and court administration staff. She’s served as an unofficial liaison between the judicial assistants and the many department managers in the Clerk’s office. And, over the years, she’s worked tirelessly to train judicial assistants, as well as cover for them without even needing to be asked.

Lisa’s unwavering work ethic and dedication to the job is evident to all around her—hence why it was one of her peers, fellow judicial assistant Gay Aaron, who nominated her for this honor. And to make the moment all the more special, Lisa received the award from her very own judge, the Honorable Lisa Munyon.

Congratulations, Lisa, on this well-deserved honor!