Picture of a cell phone with scammer calling on the screen. Additional text in the graphic reads: stay alert, jury scam calls are on the rise.

Be aware: jury scam calls are on the rise again. 

Callers claiming to work for the court system or law enforcement will demand payment for missed jury duty over the phone through payment applications like Zelle or Venmo, or with a prepaid debit card. They may even cite specific case numbers, judges, law enforcement officers, or personal information related to you in these calls. The callers will claim that if you do not pay the fine, law enforcement will come arrest you and put you in jail. 

These calls are a scam, and you should never provide payment if you receive one. 

Neither the court system nor law enforcement will ever ask you for payment if you missed jury duty. On rare occasions we may call you, but we will NEVER demand payment. If you receive a phone call demanding payment for missed jury duty, HANG UP and CALL US. 

For Orange County call 407-836-2023 and for Osceola County call 407-742-2421.