Judge Alicia Latimore

Every year, the Office of the State Court Administrator presents the William E. Gladstone Award to a jurist who made great contributions to the courts in serving dependent children and their families that year. This year’s recipient, and one of the Ninth’s own, is Judge Alicia Latimore.

Judge Latimore unfailingly shows her dedication to serving the children and families of our community every day. She’s not only a member of the Steering Committee on Families and Children in the Court, but she is also the chair of the Florida Dependency Court Improvement Panel. Currently, she serves as the Administrative Judge for our Unified Problem Solving Court, which serves children and families in its Early Childhood Court.

When she's not participating in these committees and panels, presiding over court, or serving as Administrative Judge, she’s spearheading the organization of our annual National Adoption Day event. This day of ceremonies celebrates the official union of “forever families” where many adoptive children become permanent members of their new families. Judge Latimore has said she is “honored to be a part of this incredible moment” for them.

Judge Latimore never ceases to serve the children she encounters. Her work demonstrates exactly what this award celebrates. Congratulations Judge Latimore!