Exhibit A Art Show Winners

On Thursday, November 4, we hosted our third annual Exhibit A Art Show, celebrating our young artists and announcing the winners of this year’s theme: I love my hometown because . . .

Each of our participants brought their creativity to this challenge and explored the different aspects of Florida they enjoy most. Some considered the wildlife, others thought of our local amusement parks and attractions, but what they all had in common was a deep love for the towns they’re growing up in.

The winning artwork, as well as all of the other amazing pieces, are on display at the Thomas S. Kirk Juvenile Justice Center.


Here’s a list of winners:

Elementary School Grades K-2

First Place: Elsie Bui (1st Grade - Deerwood Elementary)

Second Place: Aria Srichaiyan (Kindergarten - Deerwood Elementary)

Third Place: Rylan Hill (2nd Grade - Baldwin Park Elementary)

Honorable Mention: Lucas Palacio (2nd Grade - Baldwin Park Elementary)

Honorable Mention: Jase Hurt (1st Grade - Deerwood Elementary)


Elementary School Grades 3-5

First Place: Mekena Glass (3rd Grade - Baldwin Park Elementary)

Second Place: Jeremiah King (5th Grade - Maxey Elementary)

Third Place: Kyron Rolle (5th Grade - Maxey Elementary)

Honorable Mention: Ashley Lassiter (5th Grade - Independence)

Honorable Mention: Sherline Garcia Castellanos (5th Grade - Maxey Elementary)


Middle School

First Place: Estolena Bazelais (6th Grade - Memorial Middle School)

Second Place: Ethan Wu (8th Grade - Lake Nona Middle School)

Third Place: Jovany Dera (7th Grade - Westridge Middle School)

Honorable Mention: Diego Prato Soto (8th Grade - Memorial Middle School)

Honorable Mention: Maki Scott (8th Grade - Memorial Middle School)


High School

First Place: Lina Li (12th Grade - Windermere High School)

Second Place: Arden Yu (10th Grade - Dr. Phillips High School)

Third Place: Lanaya Celestin (10th Grade - Colonial High School)

Honorable Mention: Hannah Na (10th Grade - Dr. Phillips High School)

Honorable Mention: Sarah Chung (11th Grade - University High School)

Honorable Mention: Taysia Pierre-Paul (12th Grade - Project Compass)