Congratulations go to Angie Martinez as the Employee of the Quarter.  Angie has been with Court Administration since 1997 and serves as the Osceola County Teen Court Coordinator. She has dedicated herself to the success of the Osceola Teen Court Program and to the teen and adult volunteers that are an essential element to supporting the program and its participants.
Angie has made it her mission over these past months to put extra emphasis on the recruitment of teen volunteers and expanding the responsibilities of the adult volunteers.  She has worked with Valencia Community College in the recruitment efforts and was even invited to speak to a class at Valencia on the Teen Court Program and its process.
Along with the increased recruitment efforts, she has implemented some creative ways to further engage with the volunteers and to show them how much they are appreciated.  The implementation of an ongoing volunteer appreciation platform has proven to be a great moral booster.  One specific element to this volunteer appreciation is an award that focuses on the dress code for the Teen Volunteers, which has added a friendly level of completion and the Teens are dressing very professional and dapper for court on Wednesdays!
Thank you Angie for continuing to mentor and educate the Teen Court Volunteers, while managing the daily operation of Teen Court and continuing to make the Teen Court diversion process a meaningful and valuable experience for program participants.