Image of three judges with text describing their division assignments as of May 15, 2023.


In response to Governor DeSantis’ recent appointments to the circuit bench, Chief Judge Lisa Munyon signed Administrative Order 2022-13-03 amending the order establishing divisions and assigning judges to divisions in the circuit and county courts in the Ninth Circuit for 2023. This order goes into effect May 15th and includes the following changes in assignments:  
Judge Elizabeth Gibson
Circuit Judge in Orange County
Division 3 Family Court
Subdivision 30-3 Domestic Relations
Judge Eric Netcher
Circuit Judge in Orange County
Division 2 Circuit Civil
Subdivision 40-2
Judge Holly Derenthal
Circuit Judge in Osceola County
Division C Family Court
Subdivision 30-C

You can access the full Administrative Order through the following link: Administrative Order 2022-13-03

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