As part of the Ninth Judicial Circuit's community outreach efforts, a Speakers Bureau was established. One of the Bureau's goals is to educate and enhance the public's perception and understanding of the Court's role and responsibilities in the community. The Courts have a major influence on society and daily life, and the Judiciary and court staff provide insight into how civil and criminal cases proceed through the court system and how conflicts are resolved.

The Ninth Judicial Circuit Court Speakers Bureau can provide Judges and Court Administration Staff to speak at your event, meeting or school function. The Speakers Bureau can help you arrange to bring students to visit the Courts, participate in mock trials and meet Judges, attorneys and court staff.

The Speakers Bureau has two goals: 1) To increase public understanding and knowledge of the judicial system; and 2) To provide a forum for Judges and members of the community to exchange views about common concerns.

The following are a few examples of topics Judges and other court officials can speak about:

  • Civil Justice System
  • County Courts
  • Landlord/Tenant
  • Small Claims
  • Court Technology
  • Criminal Courts
  • Election vs. Merit Retention
  • Family Law
  • Jury Service
  • Juvenile Justice System
  • Role of the Judge
  • Rule of Law

The Judges of the Ninth Judicial Circuit work hard to serve the community. They welcome the opportunity to meet with your organization to discuss current issues and the role of the Courts.

Speakers Bureau
Orange County
Office: 2130
Phone: 407.836.0403
Osceola County
Phone: 407.836.0403