Open Ninth

Conversations Beyond the Courtroom.

When John Met Sally

Two Judges.  One household.  Meet the Kests - John and Sally. His and Her Honors but also Mr. and Mrs. Kest.  Both are Circuit Judges for the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court and are currently the only married judicial couple.

They are Florida State law school sweethearts who fell in love, married and raised a family.  They also built very successful legal careers in Orlando and now are both Judges.  Learn how they met, what life is like in a two judge household,  who gets the final say in the Kest household and if there is an appellate process. 

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Open Ninth
Episode 8

Conversations Beyond the Courtroom.

Run time 35:29



In this episode

Frederick J. Lauten

Former Chief Judge and Moderator

Senior Judge Sally D. M. Kest
Sally D. M. Kest

Senior Court Judge

Senior Judge John Marshall Kest
John Marshall Kest

Senior Judge

Judge John Marshall Kest as served as a Circuit Judge since 2003. He currently serves in the Circuit Criminal Division in Orange County.