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Conversations Beyond the Courtroom.

Turning the Tables

Of our three branches of government, the judicial branch – despite having the highest approval ratings of the three – tends to be the least understood. Unless we make it on a jury panel or have a pending case, most of us don’t have much of a reason to interact directly with the courts. And, even for those of us who’ve had a wealth of experience, it still may feel like the whole legal system is one giant iceberg. We only know that little bit we’ve been exposed to – the tip of the iceberg. Meanwhile, the majority of the legal system remains out of our sight.

Cristian Cifers, Aecha Kimball, and Albi Manfredi joined us on Open Ninth to change that. These Lake Mary Preparatory high school seniors turned the table on Chief Judge Fred Lauten – making our host the guest as they interviewed him to give us a fuller view and deeper understanding of the legal system. So grab your headphones, listen in, and take this opportunity to learn about the judicial branch from our resident expert – Chief Judge Lauten.

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Open Ninth
Episode 72

Conversations Beyond the Courtroom.

Run time 58:14



In this episode

Frederick J. Lauten

Former Chief Judge and Moderator

Cristian Cifers


Cris is a senior at Lake Mary Preparatory School. He will be attending University of Florida in the fall where he plans to study business management.

Aecha Kimball


Aecha is a senior at Lake Mary Preparatory School and salutatorian of her class. She hopes to attend John Hopkins University in the fall.

Albi Manfredi


Albi is senior at Lake Mary Preparatory School and valedictorian of his class. He hopes to attend Duke University in the fall.