Three part series surrounding the January 10, 1984 mass shootings at the Orange County Courthouse.

Episode 39 of Open Ninth - Trailer:  The Shooter, The Victims, The Aftermath

Today marks the anniversary of a horrific mass shooting in Orange County. It was January 10, 1984 when lone gunman Thomas Provenzano entered the Orange County Courthouse, killing one bailiff and wounding two others in a single event that resonates louder than ever as one of the first events of this kind in Central Florida.

Beginning January 17th, listen in as the court honors the heroes of that tragic day with a 3 part podcast series of testimony and eyewitness accounts from those who were there. We start our discussion with the days leading up to the shooting then hear the accounts of that terrible day by those impacted by the event. Finally, we conclude with a look at where our court is today and how the actions of one man changed our community and our lives forever.

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