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Live Long and Prosper

Conversation with Orange County Judge Faye Allen

As a child, the young Faye Allen grew up in the small town of Quincy, Florida, where she would sit along with her four brothers and sisters to watch the only TV show their parents would allow them to see – Star Trek. Out of that experience, she learned to dream big and to boldly pursue her goals. During “Live Long and Prosper,” Judge Allen shares with listeners her passion for the avante garde series, which featured a diverse cast uncharacteristic of that era. The show’s characters and themes ignited an interest in Allen that led her to law school and to eventually become the second female African-American judge in the Ninth Judicial Circuit.

Judge Allen was appointed to the Orange County bench in 2005. She has served in both the criminal and civil divisions. The experience she has gained in her life journey, along with her diverse background, enable her to understand complex issues and to equitably dispense justice to those persons who come before her.

In this episode

Frederick J. Lauten

Podcast Moderator

Judge Lauten is currently the Chief Judge for the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida. He has served as a Judge since 1993.

Faye L. Allen

Orange County Judge

Judge Allen has served as an Orange County Judge since 2005. She currently serves in the Misdemeanor Division in Orange County.

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Episode 6

Conversations Beyond the Courtroom.
Run time 24:27