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Open Ninth Episode 166

Soon, Judge Andrew Cameron will celebrate the ten-year anniversary of the day he joined the Ninth Circuit, and a lot has happened in the near-decade since he ran for election the very first time. The Orange County Court Judiciary has grown, the amount of work has increased, and a global pandemic forced our courts to adapt to a new way of working. But, Judge Cameron still enjoys serving the people of his community all these years later. Listen in to Open Ninth to hear Chief Judge Lisa Munyon talk to him about his life growing up, what drew him to law school, and why he wanted to become a judge.


  • 00:15 – Introduction to Judge Andrew Cameron
  • 05:58 – Legal career
  • 15:50 – Becoming a judge
  • 21:55 – First days on the bench
  • 30:35 – Changes over the years
  • 35:12 – Advice for new judges
Open Ninth
Episode 166

Conversations Beyond the Courtroom.

Run time 41:57



In this episode

Chief Judge Lisa T. Munyon
Lisa T. Munyon

Chief Judge and Open Ninth host

Chief Judge Lisa T. Munyon has been a Judge with the Ninth Judicial Circuit for 18 years. She is the Ninth Circuit's first female Chief Judge.

Orange County Judge Andrew L. Cameron
Andrew L. Cameron

Orange County Judge