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Open Ninth

Conversations Beyond the Courtroom.

Judicial Spotlight

Open Ninth Episode 145

As a child, Judge Brian Sandor watched the construction of the Orange County Courthouse happening just blocks from his house. Little did he know, he’d one day work in that exact same building. And with two lawyers in his direct family, the field of law was never too far from home. Listen in to Open Ninth to hear Judge Sandor talk to Chief Judge Lisa Munyon about his family’s history practicing law and what inspired him to join the bench. OpenNinth.fm


  • 00:15 – Introduction to Judge Brian Sandor
  • 06:18 – Law school
  • 13:26 – Working in the state attorney’s office
  • 16:55 – Working in law firms
  • 22:34 – Joining the bench
  • 36:00 – Hobbies
Open Ninth
Episode 145

Conversations Beyond the Courtroom.

Run time 38:02



In this episode

Chief Judge Lisa T. Munyon
Lisa T. Munyon

Chief Judge and Open Ninth host

Chief Judge Lisa T. Munyon has been a Judge with the Ninth Judicial Circuit for 18 years. She is the Ninth Circuit's first female Chief Judge.

Orange County Judge Brian S. Sandor
Brian S. Sandor

Orange County Judge

Judge Sandor was appointed to the County bench in 2021 by Governor DeSantis. He currently serves in the Orange County Civil Division.