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Open Ninth Podcast - Episode 141

Growing up a military kid meant it was hard for Judge Joshua Mize to truly know a hometown. His father’s service in the Air Force took his family all across the United States, making change a constant in Judge Mize’s life. It wasn’t until after law school that he and his wife moved to Orlando and fell in love with the City Beautiful, making this the place they’d call their hometown. He’s undergone many changes over the years, but his childhood prepared him well for adapting to change. Listen in to Open Ninth to hear Judge Mize talk to Chief Judge Lisa Munyon about where his interest in the law started and how he’s adjusting in his first year on the bench.


  • 00:14 – Introduction to Judge Joshua Mize
  • 07:43 – Pull to the law
  • 12:24 – Joining the bench
  • 16:37 – Transition into family law
  • 20:43 – Surprises on the bench
Open Ninth
Episode 141

Conversations Beyond the Courtroom.

Run time 32:07



In this episode

Chief Judge Lisa T. Munyon
Lisa T. Munyon

Chief Judge and Open Ninth host

Chief Judge Lisa T. Munyon has been a Judge with the Ninth Judicial Circuit for 18 years. She is the Ninth Circuit's first female Chief Judge.

Circuit Judge Joshua A. Mize
Joshua A. Mize

Circuit Judge

Judge Mize was appointed to the Circuit Bench in 2021 by Governor DeSantis. He currently serves in the Domestic Relations Division in Orange County.