Open Ninth

Conversations Beyond the Courtroom.

Going Social

Everyone is on social media. You. Your best friend. Your best friend’s kid. Even your 80 year old grandmother. Then there’s your favorite taco joint, hair stylist, dry cleaner, mechanic, clothing brand, music band. And, don’t forget the company you work for, the city you live in, and the bank that cashes your paycheck. Quite literally, everyone. Even us – and you should totally be following us too!

However, even though everyone is on social media, not everyone engages with the various platforms the same way. Listen in on Chief Judge Fred Lauten’s conversation with Kristy Dalton as they talk about the government sector’s foray into the social media world, why a government online presence is important, and how the inherent nature of the judicial system impacts how it connects with the community.

Open Ninth
Episode 53

Conversations Beyond the Courtroom.

Run time 31:57



In this episode

Frederick J. Lauten

Former Chief Judge and Moderator

Kristy Dalton

CEO, Government Social Media Organization

Kristy is founder of Government Social Media and the Government Social Media Conference. She is a nationally acclaimed speaker, trainer, and advisor.