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Conversations Beyond the Courtroom.

Cybersecurity - Safety in the Digital Age

The Dark Web. Malware. Encryption. The Internet of Things. These concepts seem to intimidate most casual technology users, who often aren’t aware of the best online practices to protect themselves. That’s why Chief Judge Don Myers invited top cyber security professional Mark Lanterman onto our podcast to share his expertise, break down these concepts, and offer some tips on keeping both yourself and your organization safe from hackers.

Show Notes

  • 2:55 - Overview of cyber security
  • 4:03 - An organization’s greatest cyber security risk
  • 5:15 - Phishing
  • 8:14 - Best advice for listeners
  • 13:50 - Using public wifi
  • 15:45 - Phone hotspot
  • 17:34 - Ransomware
  • 24:15 - Dark web
  • 28:50 - Internet of Things

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Open Ninth
Episode 93

Conversations Beyond the Courtroom.

Run time 33:21



In this episode

Circuit Judge Donald A. Myers, Jr.
Donald A. Myers, Jr.

Senior Judge

Senior Judge Donald A. Myers, Jr. served as a Circuit Judge from 2011-2021. He was elected as Chief Judge and started his 2-year term on July 1, 2019.

Mark Lanterman

Chief Technology Officer, Computer Forensic Services

Mark, a leading expert in computer forensics, has 28+ years of security experience and has provided cybersecurity training to the U.S. Supreme Court.