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Conversations Beyond the Courtroom.

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From station intern to prime time news anchor, our guest this week has done it all on her way to becoming one of Central Florida's most recognizable people.

This episode, WFTV's Martha Sugalski joined Chief Judge Don Myers to talk about the evolution of TV journalism, the importance of role models, and what it's like to be the woman in front of the camera. Along the way, Martha explores how she got where she is today, explains how she balances her busy schedule day-to-day, and shares her best advice for aspiring journalists.

Show Notes:

  • 1:20 - Inspiration to pursue journalism
  • 3:49 - Interning and first time on-camera
  • 7:07 - Transitioning from reporter to anchor
  • 10:11 - Day-to-day life, before and during COVID
  • 18:52 - Changes to TV journalism in the last 30 years
  • 24:43 - Advice to aspiring journalists
Open Ninth
Episode 115

Conversations Beyond the Courtroom.

Run time 31:29



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Circuit Judge Donald A. Myers, Jr.
Donald A. Myers, Jr.

Senior Judge

Senior Judge Donald A. Myers, Jr. served as a Circuit Judge from 2011-2021. He was elected as Chief Judge and started his 2-year term on July 1, 2019.

Martha Sugalski

News Anchor for WFTV Channel 9

Martha Sugalski is the 5, 6, and 11 p.m. anchor for WFTV Channel 9.