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Conversations Beyond the Courtroom.

Breaking Barriers

LaShawnda Jackson made history this year as the first Black president of the Orange County Bar Association. She sat down with Chief Judge Don Myers to talk about Central Florida's interconnected legal community, challenges she's faced as a Black female lawyer, and her proposals to make the legal profession more diverse and inclusive. Listen and learn about the life of a lawyer from her perspective, including law school, getting involved in the local Bar associations, going to trial, and the future of the legal industry.

Show Notes

  • 0:20 - Introduction of LaShawnda Jackson
  • 1:05 - Beginning of interest in law
  • 2:19 - University of Florida, student athlete, and track and field
  • 3:21 - Highlights of accomplishments in the practice of law
  • 5:58 - Handling experts involved in complex cases
  • 7:01 - Trial team, arguing cases with classmates
  • 8:21 - Biggest challenges as a lawyer
  • 10:23 - Challenges as a Black female lawyer
  • 11:17 - Adversaries in the courtroom and stereotypes
  • 13:51 - Local Bar diversity, inclusion, and historical context
  • 15:50 - Lack of minority representation in the judiciary
  • 17:31 - Increasing the number of minority students in law school
  • 18:36 - Adults modeling different career options in communities
  • 19:38 - Diversifying the Judicial Nominating Commission
  • 20:42 - Becoming a judge through appointment or election
  • 22:22 - Steps taken to become president of the OCBA
  • 24:40 - What the OCBA means to the community
  • 28:02 - Jackson's vision for the OCBA's coming year
  • 29:15 - Coronavirus and the impact on the local legal community
  • 33:41 - Adoption after 18, free time activities, and managing stress
Open Ninth
Episode 104

Conversations Beyond the Courtroom.

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Circuit Judge Donald A. Myers, Jr.
Donald A. Myers, Jr.

Senior Judge

Senior Judge Donald A. Myers, Jr. served as a Circuit Judge from 2011-2021. He was elected as Chief Judge and started his 2-year term on July 1, 2019.

LaShawnda Jackson

President, Orange County Bar Association

LaShawnda K. Jackson is a partner at RumbergerKirk and the first Black president to serve the OCBA since it began in 1933.