Ninth's Notables - 1st Quarter 2021

  • Judge Myers and Tess Kalicharan

Throughout the pandemic, the dispute resolution department in Orange and Osceola County has worked tirelessly to avoid backlogs and ensure cases continue to be mediated. To do that, the department implemented virtual mediation services. Instrumental to this process was our circuit’s family mediation specialty program coordinator – Teshrie “Tess” Kalicharan.


An employee of the Ninth Circuit for 13 years, Tess deserves special acknowledgment for going above and beyond during the pandemic. She worked extremely hard to help the dispute resolution department provide and sustain court services in a brand new, and largely uncharted, virtual world. Tessie facilitated the development and establishment of virtual procedures, allowing the department to offer remote services to Orange and Osceola County courthouse litigants.


We thank Tess for her support, teamwork, and dedication to the judicial system. Her value to our team, the dispute resolution department, the public, and the Ninth Judicial Circuit is immeasurable. Tess is well respected by our judges, judicial assistants and court staff. We are honored to present her with the Ninth’s Notables award for excellence.