Ninth's Notables Frances Claxton

Every month, the Ninth Circuit honors one of our own who goes above and beyond the duties of their role to ensure our courts run smoothly and efficiently. Without these notable employees, our circuit would not be able to provide the fair and accessible justice we all deserve. Our next honoree for this special recognition is further proof of these facts, so please join us in congratulating Frances Claxton as our Ninth’s Notable for the month of February!

Frances has been with our circuit for over 15 years now, and still comes to work every day with the same “We Can Do It” attitude she came in with many years ago. She’s a beacon of positivity and encouragement in her office, who makes everyone around her feel comfortable. And as a manager in digital court reporting, she is always willing and ready to jump in to help anyone who needs it. As an employee of our circuit, Frances sets an example for what true courtesy and professionalism look like in the legal field. It is people like her who make our courts a more open and welcoming place overall. Congratulations, Frances!

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