9th Unplugged announcement

The Ninth Circuit is excited to announce our brand-new audio profile series - 9th Unplugged - where we invite you to spend some time learning more about the people who make the Ninth such a wonderful place to work. Each episode contains four short interviews that explore the lives of staff outside the courthouse - from their favorite hobbies to their hardest lessons to learn and beyond.

Circuit Judge Alicia Latimore kicks things off, interviewing Steve Simon - court facilities project manager, Linoshka Morales - jury services lead, Nevajo Lumsden - manager of systems and technology, and Randi Thomas - judicial assistant.

Join in on the fun at www.9thUnplugged.fm and learn who was secretary of our Circuit's bowling league for 20 years, who wanted to join the FBI, who loves raw oysters, and who has a master's degree in counseling!

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