Orange County Deposition Rooms Are Moving

On May 2, the deposition rooms located in the Orange County Courthouse will move down the street to the fourth floor of 105 E. Robinson St.

Until April 20, depositions will continue to take place in the current location of the Orange County Courthouse, but all future reservations made for dates after May 2 will happen in this new space.

To reserve a deposition room, please click here. This link will take you to our online system where you can pick from a calendar of available dates and times. Please ensure you are booking for the correct location by referencing the location in the sidebar. Until April 20, you may still book rooms in the Orange County Courthouse under the “Orange County” location in the sidebar. For future reservations after May 2, please change the location to “105 E. Robinson” to see accurate availability in the new space.

Once you have chosen your ideal date and time, fill in any pertinent information regarding your deposition, such as attorney name, client name, and phone number in the description box displayed. Finally, submit your request and a room supervisor will approve it shortly after.

Once a booking is approved by a room supervisor, the room cannot be booked by others. In the event you are unable to attend your booking, please cancel your reservation through our online system so the room can be used by others.

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