National Judicial Outreach Week

  • National Judicial Outreach Week

Since 2017, National Judicial Outreach Week (NJOW) has taken place in early March, from the first to the tenth day of the month. Every year, the theme is "Preserving the Rule of Law."

The United States has over 30,000 state judges, and over 1,700 federal judges. Their priority is to ensure that our nation is ruled by its laws, and that everyone is treated equally under the law. They must apply laws fairly, impartially, and uninfluenced by popular, partisan, or special interests.

The American Bar Association (ABA) believes that one of the most effective ways to promote public understanding of and commitment to preserving the Rule of Law is for the public to meet their dedicated judicial public servants to learn about their commitment to fairness, impartiality, and the law. This is why the ABA created NJOW: to encourage active and retired judges to interact with their community, inside and outside the courtroom.

The Ninth Circuit's judiciary engages with its community regularly. Each month, our courthouses receive numerous visiting groups, dignitaries, and community members, many of whom are able to witness a trial and speak to a judge. These have included students from middle school to law schoool, members of the Bahamian Supreme Court, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, adults of varying ages and professions, etc.

Our judges are also very active in the Central Florida region, sitting on boards and committees, hosting town halls, presiding over mock trials, visiting classrooms, presenting at events, and more. Plus, the Ninth Circuit has produced its annual community event - Inside the Courts - for the last twenty years. Inside the Courts is a series of presentations by the judiciary on a variety of topics pertinent to the courts and the community. For more information on Inside the Courts or to register to attend this year, visit

Our nation is run by the three branches of government; arguably, the judicial branch is the most unfamiliar to Americans. Therefore, fostering understanding between the community and the judges who interpret our nation's laws is of the utmost importance. Events like NJOW help with this goal, allowing us an opportunity to highlight the work our judges put in to connect with the people they serve.

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