Judge Caraballo Receives the Clayton B. Burton Award of Excellence

  • Judge Tina Caraballo Receives the Clay Burton Award for Excellence

The Florida Bar Military and Veterans Affairs Committee awarded Judge Tina Caraballo the Clayton B. Burton Award of Excellence. Judge Caraballo co-chaired the 2020 Military Law Symposium – demonstrating character and leadership as she navigated the unique challenges inherent in changing the format from a live event to a virtual one. She has stated the award would not be possible without the efforts of the entire subcommittee. In particular, her co-chair, attorney Scott Johnson, and the Bar's representative, Leslie Reithmiller – both of whom went above and beyond to make the symposium a success. She also wanted to recognize the event’s amazing presenters who put in extra effort to rehearse with the technology, ensuring the program was seamless for the participants. What a well-deserved honor! Congratulations, Judge Caraballo!