Fake Court Email Scam Targets Area Residents

Orlando – Some area residents have received fake court emails notifying them of a pending court case. The emails are crafted to look as though they are sent via the Florida Courts E-filing portal and purport to contain attached court documents. The court urges recipients of these and similar emails to proceed with extreme caution.

Judicial staff, the Clerk of Court’s Office, and other agencies in the Ninth Judicial Circuit send notices to appear in court by mail, not email correspondence. Jurors may receive email reminders of their need to report for jury service, but such reminders will follow an official summons mailed to the juror’s address.

These fake court emails are probably part of an orchestrated spoofing scam used by hackers. Once the recipient clicks on the attachment, hackers are able to gain access to the recipient’s computer and steal their personal information.

Judges and staff in the Ninth Judicial Circuit value the privacy rights of Central Florida’s residents. As such, we have implemented measures to safeguard the integrity of the judicial process and any records we maintain. Persons who believe they are being targeting by these or similar scams should visit the court’s website, www.NinthCircuit.org, to research information on Orange and Osceola County cases.