Congratulations go out to the employees celebrating milestone anniversaries in the 2nd quarter of 2016! Your dedicated service has played a vital role in helping the Ninth Circuit effectively and efficiently administer justice to the people coming before the Court.

First photo:
Back row, left to right:  Anna Lacy, 10 years; Peggy Messier, 20 years; Marti Rose, 15 years; Jeff Pierce, 15 years.
Front row, left to right:  Diane Iacone, 15 years; Marjorie Aguilar, 10 years; Thelma Brathwaite, 10 years; Valerie Tolentino, 10 years.

Second photo:
Left to right:  Donna Dorer, 15 years; David Montgomery 15 years; Celia Lopez-Portobanco, 15 years.

Not pictured:  Matt Benefiel, 20 years; Claire Hair, 10 years; Jeri Casteel, 5 years; Jason Wilson, 5 years.