Graphic with pictures of all the 2023 administrative judges in the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida

Every year, a new group of administrative judges and associate administrative judges are designated to assist the chief judge by playing a vital role in the policy, procedures, and functioning of each division in our circuit. They maintain their normal caseload and duties, while taking on the added administrative responsibilities with no additional compensation for doing so. These duties include making recommendations regarding assignments and reassignment of cases, assisting with coverage of divisions, scheduling hearing officers and magistrates, and implementing procedures as envisioned in administrative orders. Through these important tasks, the work of our administrative judges and associate administrative judges will ensure our courts dispense justice both effectively and efficiently.

These are the 2023 administrative judges and associate administrative judges:

General Circuit Civil Division (Orange County—includes Business Court, Probate, Mental Health, Trusts, and Guardianship)

Circuit Criminal Justice Division (Orange County—includes Jimmy Ryce Cases)

Circuit Family Court Division (Orange County)

Circuit Juvenile Division (Orange County)

Unified Problem Solving Court Division (Orange & Osceola Counties)

Circuit Appellate Divisions (Orange & Osceola Counties)

 County Court (Orange County)

Circuit & County Courts (Osceola County)