Technical Assistance

  • Technical assistance is available on a 24 hour basis by contacting Court Administration A/V at (407) 836-0522 . After the beep, leave your name and number. The system will page the on-call Engineer and they will return your call promptly. The Audio Visual Department maintains a Broadcast Engineer on-call at all times.

Pool Camera Feeds

  • It is presumed that all media personnel covering court proceedings have read and know the content of Rule 2.450 of the Rules of Judicial Administration, Standards of Conduct and Technology Governing Electronic Media and Still Photography Coverage of Judicial Proceedings and amended Administrative Order 07-96-19-01 Governing Special Interest/High Profile Proceedings.
  • Media should notify The Audio Visual Department at least 30 minutes prior to start of court by calling (407) 836-0522. Media should indicate which courtroom is to be used.
  • The media should designate a Pool Camera Person who is responsible for providing a video feed to the Courthouse media system.
  • The designated cameraperson is responsible for all cables and accessories necessary to interconnect to the system . (I.e. BNC Video and XLR audio cables.)
  • He or she is responsible to adjust their camera output to16X9 SD, not HD. If they fail to make this adjustment and the feed does not go out as planned, then they are responsible to provide dubs for any and all who ask for a copy.
  • He or she should be setup and providing Color Bars at least 15 minutes prior to start of court.
  • Pool camera people are providing video for not only their use but for other media outlets. Thus, media representatives should be prepared to continue coverage until an appropriate stoppage of court. Notification to the Audio Visual Department should be given prior to termination of the feed. (407) 836-0522
  • The Television camera may be installed in or removed from the courtroom only when Court is not in session. Still photographers and broadcast media personnel shall not move about the courtroom while proceedings are in session, nor engage in any movement that attracts undue attention.
  • Courtroom audio is provided to the pool camera thru the media panels located in the rear of each courtroom. Audio feeds are at line level.
  • Appropriate dress is requested , as pool cameras are part of the court process. No chewing gum. Pagers and cell phones should be turned off or placed on vibrate mode.

Media Pedestal

  • The pedestal is located on Orange Avenue at the corner of the passenger drop off in front of the courthouse complex. Parking is in the lane closest to the Courthouse and across Orange Avenue between the signs marked media parking.
  • Access to the pedestal is by a key obtained at the security desk located at the north end of the main courthouse building. Security is located at the loading dock and is manned 24 hours a day. Identification is required to secure the key and is limited to media only. It is the Media's responsibility to close and lock the pedestal when not in use. Feeds are as follows:
    • Courtroom
    • Courtroom
    • Arraignment Main Jail
    • Initial Appearance Central Booking
  • Note: Weekend Initial Appearance and Arraignment are all on the (C) Feed

Media Room

  • The media room is located on the North end, second floor, of the main Courthouse, Room 230. The media room is available only during normal business hours and not weekends. Access is by key pad using the following combination: 32801#
  • Feeds are as follows:
    • Courtroom
    • Courtroom
    • Arraignment Main Jail
    • Initial Appearance Central Booking

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On-call Engineer (Leave Message)


Karen Levey, Chief Deputy Court Administrator

407-836-2047 (Office)
407-325-7781 (Cell)

Julio Semino, Court Support Manager

407-836-0403 (Office)

JR Denman, Chief Engineer, Audio/Visual

407-836-0522 (Cell)

Jeff Pierce, Court Administration Video Eng

407-836-0113 (Office)
407-222-0250 (Cell)

Matt Benefiel, Court Administration

407-836-2051 (Office)
407-484-4583 (Cell)