Media Access to Court Proceedings at the Orange County Corrections Department Booking and Release Center Courtrooms

There are three courtrooms with pubic galleries at the Orange County Corrections Department Booking and Release Center located at 3855 John Young Parkway, Orlando, FL 32839. The media has enhanced access to these galleries on weekdays. On weekends, the galleries are closed to the public and the media with the exception of a pool photographer shooting stills.

Video and Audio Feeds at Media Pedestal in front of BRC

A media pedestal is located on the center edge of the BRC parking lot directly in front of the two designated media parking spaces. To gain access to the pedestal, contact personnel in the Corrections lobby. The pedestal will provide access to video from a fixed camera in each of the three BRC courtrooms and line level audio from the courtroom microphones. As a result of this capability, video cameras will not be allowed in the public galleries of the BRC courtrooms. Parking is on a first-come, first served basis. Overflow media may park in any available public parking spaces nearby. Additionally, media units can park on the grassy area just west of the media pedestal if no hard surface parking spaces are available. If parking on the grass, media units do so at their own risk.

Orange County Corrections has no access or way to modify the video feed or fix any problems with it. All questions or reports of problems with the feed should be directed to (407) 836-0522 (On Call engineer) – If no live answer, an engineer will be paged immediately if you leave a voicemail. Contacting the Corrections PIO will only delay resolving the issue.

Media Access to the Public Galleries of BRC Courtrooms

All media representatives with proper credentials and identifications will be able to access the BRC courtroom’s public galleries. Due to the available Court Administration electronic video and audio feeds, no media equipment will be allowed inside the courtroom other than a pool still photographer. The still photographer may carry into the gallery two still cameras and a single tripod or monopod. Even if the still camera is capable of video, no video operation of the camera will be permitted. Work product of the pool must be shared with any other media requesting regardless of whether broadcast, internet, radio, or print publication. (ON WEEKENDS: The still pool photographer should contact the booking supervisor to gain access. ONLY THE POOL STILL PHOTOGRPAHER WILL BE PERMITTED ACCESS TO THE GALLERIES ON THE WEEKEND) The pooling arrangements and designation shall be the sole responsibility of the media present for the proceeding. In event of the failure of the Court Administration Video/Audio Feed, One Video Pool Camera will be permitted with permission from the jail PIO unless the judge prohibits it.

Media representatives who present work credentials or business cards to the security screeners will be allowed to bring into the public galleries standard reporting tools to include:

•   Mobile telephones: Cell phones are permitted to be brought in to the courtroom by the media, as long as the reporter has proper court-issued credential displayed. Phones must be on vibrate or silent mode, calls cannot be made or received, voicemail may not be accessed. Texting or email activities on the phone are permitted in public gallery.
•   Pad of Paper and writing instruments
•   Laptops, notebook computers, or tablet devices including iPads, etc.
Media representatives who display proper court-issued credentials may bring in these devices; however, no use of a webcam, outbound streaming video, or audio permitted. Note: there is no public Wi-Fi available at the jail, but air cards or built-in wireless Internet connections may be used.

Court Administration Internet Video Stream

The Circuit's Court Administration Audio Video Unit provides a live streaming feed from BRC Courtroom One. It may be accessed via the Ninth Circuit website:

NOTE: Orange County Corrections has no access to the control the internet feed or fix any problems with it.  All questions or reports of problems with the feed should be directed to (407) 836-0522 (On-Call engineer). If no live answer, leave a voicemail to page an AV engineer. Contacting the Corrections PIO will only delay resolving the issue.

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On-call Engineer (Leave Message)


Karen Levey, Communications

407-836-2047 (Office)
407-325-7781 (Cell)

Julio Semino, Court Support Manager

407-836-0403 (Office)
407-491-7160 (Cell)

J.R. Denman, A/V Chief Engineer

407-836-0119 (Office)
321-709-0306 (Cell)

Jorge A. Cedeno, Facilities Management

407-836-0161 (Office)

407-948-9216 (Cell)

Matt Benefiel, Court Administration

407-836-2051 (Office)
407-484-4583 (Cell)