The Ninth Judicial Circuit Court is pleased to provide information to the media. Contained in this section are the policies and procedures for interaction between the media and the Courts in both Orange and Osceola counties. The following information has been compiled as part of our ongoing effort to enhance the relationship of cooperation between the Circuit and the media. We hope the information proves useful to you. It is our goal to ensure that the media and general public are accommodated to the best of the Court's abilities, while ensuring the right of the litigant to a fair and orderly trial and maintaining the operational integrity of the Court.

Media Administrative Orders

The following policies apply to all proceedings held in Orange and Osceola County. Please note that these orders and any orders issued by the presiding judge will be strictly enforced.

  • Rule 2.450 of the Rules of Judicial Administration, Standards of Conduct and Technology Governing Electronic Media and Still Photography Coverage of Judicial Proceedings
  • Administrative Order 2023-23 Governing Special Interest/High Profile Proceedings
  • Administrative Order 2023-24 Order Governing Cellular Telephones and Other Electronic Devices
Media Authorization Cards

Members of the media must exhibit media credentials and a court-issued media authorization card if they wish to cover proceedings utilizing any permitted device, including pool cameras, in courtrooms or hearing rooms in the Ninth Circuit. Organizations that are not members of traditional print and broadcast communication channels as outlined in Administrative Order No. 07-96-19-04, section I(a), such as bloggers or other “new media,” must first apply for media status before they can apply for a media authorization card. Be sure to enter all required fields. Applications for media authorization cards are periodically reviewed. If approved, media authorization cards are normally available for pickup at the Orange County Courthouse, suite 325, within two business days of their submission. Media authorization cards issued after Nov. 1, 2022 will be valid until December 31, 2024. If you are applying for a new media authorization card and had been previously issued a card, you must turn in your old media authorization card before you can pick up the new card. Media organizations have been asked to identify ten members of their staff who will receive complimentary media authorization cards. Additional or replacement cards are available for a $20 charge per card. Please check with your organization to determine their policy regarding payment for media authorization cards.

To apply for a Media Authorization Card, please fill out our Media Authorization Form.

Before a Media Card is issued, you will be required to read and sign our Media Authorization Card Acknowledgement of Receipt Form.

Media Parking

In Orange County, an area has been designated for members of the media wishing to plug in to the pedestal to obtain a courtroom feed. Additional parking is available at the courthouse parking garage or at street metered parking. Rates are governed by the City of Orlando.

Cameras In Courtrooms

Pursuant to Florida Supreme Court order, only one video camera, one still camera, and one audio recording device for radio will be allowed in any courtroom. A second recording device attached to the first, such as a Go Pro HD mini camera, is prohibited and must be removed before access will be allowed as pool camera. Those operating recording devices shall comply strictly with the Supreme Court's Standards of Conduct and Technology Governing Electronic Media and Still Photography Coverage of Judicial Proceedings. Pool camera arrangements should be made by the media. It is presumed that all media personnel covering court proceedings have read and know the content of Rule 2.450 of the Rules of Judicial Administration, Standards of Conduct and Technology Governing Electronic Media and Still Photography coverage of Judicial Proceedings.

Courtroom Media Panels in Orange and Osceola Counties

Recording equipment and operating personnel shall be located in and coverage of the proceedings shall take place from the gallery area near the courtroom's media panel or in areas otherwise designated by the Judge. The media panel provides audio for recording devices in the courtroom and must be used at all times instead of an onboard microphone or portable handheld microphone. Media are not permitted to place additional microphones in the courtroom without prior approval of the presiding Judge. NOTE: At all times while operating as the video pool camera, all camera operators must supply a BNC and an XLR audio cable and be connected to the courtroom media panel.

Media Coverage of Juvenile Proceedings

Florida statutes stipulate that most juvenile proceedings are open to the public unless a presiding judge determines the public interest and welfare of the child are best served by closing the proceeding.

Pursuant to Florida Rule of Judicial Administration 2.450, one video camera, one still camera and one audio recording device for radio broadcast are permitted in the courtroom as pool coverage for juvenile proceedings. Assignment of who will serve as pool photographers is the sole responsibility of the media.

In Orange County, the Thomas S. Kirk Juvenile Justice Center does not have a distribution system for routing pool audio and video feeds. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the media to decide on a means for sharing pool footage. In Osceola County, juvenile proceedings are held in the Osceola County Courthouse and pool signal distribution is available to the media room or media pedestal.

Live Streaming of Proceedings

Per administrative order, direct live streaming from any courtroom is strictly prohibited without prior consent of a judge. If you would like to live stream court proceedings, please contact Court Administration via email at or to coordinate requests twenty-four (24) hours prior to the court event. Please note, use of “streaming backpacks” or the streaming feature of any camera within a courtroom is strictly prohibited.

Movement During Proceedings

Video cameras in the courtroom must be mounted and operated from a tripod. Still cameras can be handheld, however neither video nor still photographers are permitted to move about the courtroom during proceedings, nor engage in any movement or conversation that attracts undue attention. A video camera can only be installed or removed from the courtroom when the Court is not in session.

Courtroom Access/Seating/Decorum

Access to the courtrooms, space permitting, is provided once the courtroom is open to the public.

Seating cannot be guaranteed for media requests made with less than 48 hours’ notice.

To request accommodations, fill out the Media Request Form.

Media Pooling

Pooling arrangements shall be the sole responsibility of the media.

Press Rooms

Press rooms are available to record feeds or monitor proceedings. There is no dedicated media room at the Orange County Courthouse. At the John B. Morgan Courthouse, the press room is located in suite #1905 on the first floor. To access the press room, please contact the Chief Deputy Court Administrator.

Requests for Information

Requests for information by outside services, agencies, or departments are to be made directly to the Court Administrator or the Chief Deputy Court Administrator.

Please note the following:

Rule 2.420 of the Rules of Judicial Administration, Public Access to Judicial Records

A charge of 15 cents per page will be assessed for any copying required. Payment should be made to: The Orange County Board of County Commissioners or The Osceola County Board of County Commissioners.

Orange County Courthouse and Jail Media Fiber System

The Orange County Courthouse and the Orange County Booking and Release Center have extensive fiber optic services available to the news media. Each courtroom has fiber service installed. For any question, contact Paul Pridemore, Chief A/V Engineer, (407) 836-0523.

Orange County Jail Courtrooms Media Fiber System

The courtrooms at the Orange County Jail have extensive fiber optic services available to the news media. Each courtroom has fiber service installed. For any questions, contact Paul Pridemore, Chief A/V Engineer, (407) 836-0523.


Media Authorization Cards

To apply for a card, please fill out our Media Authorization Form.

Courtroom Access

To request accommodations, fill out the Media Request Form. Interview Requests or Inquiries

All press inquiries for Orange and Osceola Counties should be directed to Karen Levey or Julio Semino. For additional Court-related information, please contact:

Karen Levey
Chief Deputy Court Administrator

Julio Semino
Director of Court Programs

Matt Benefiel
Court Administrator

A/V Dept
Chief A/V Engineer
Audio/Visual On-Call Engineer