Orange County Booking and Release Center


Following a surge in inmate population, a Jail Oversight Commission (JOC), comprised of government and community leaders whose agencies touched the jail system was formed in July of 2001. The Commission was tasked with thoroughly examining practices and procedures related to four broad areas involving the Orange County Jail System and its criminal justice partners: case processing, medical/mental health and substance abuse issues, jail staffing, and the use of technology. With the opening of the new Orange County Booking and Release Center, on June 30, 2006, a majority of the JOC recommendations were actualized, resulting in many operational improvements.


The Booking and Release Center at the Orange County Jail consists of 300,000 square foot. The $72 million project includes 3 courtrooms, a full clinic and pharmacy, state of the art technology, a specialty mental health unit and space for the Judiciary, Public Defender and State Attorney. The Clerk of Court staffs the facility 24 hours to provide jail and other court-related assistance.