Jury Scam

  • Jury Scam Information and Video


Across the nation, criminals are constantly inventing new, insidious scams to scare or persuade unsuspecting citizens into handing over their money.

Recently, our community has been targeted by a particularly pervasive jury scam. While claiming to be an officer with the police department or sheriff’s office, scammers inform you that you have missed jury duty last week. Then, they threaten that if you don't pay a fine over the phone, a warrant will be issued for your arrest.

To raise awareness about this scam and help identify scammers, Sheriff John Mina and Chief Judge Don Myers created this informational video. The courts or law enforcement will NEVER ask for payment over the phone. If a scammer calls you, hang up and call us.

  • Orange County Residents call 407-836-2023
  • Osceola County Residents call 407-742-2421